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Music Programs

Music Lessons Are Available In-Studio or Online

for Beginner to Advanced

Music lessons are a type of formal instruction in playing a musical instrument or singing.

One of the students taking music lessons meets a music teacher for one-on-one training sessions ranging from 30 up to 60 minutes in length over a period of once or twice a week, four to eight times per month.


Piano Lesson for Kids and Adults

     The piano is one of the most essential instruments and is encouraged for most students who are new to music. Piano lessons are available in a variety of styles including classical, jazz and rock. Absolute beginners are taught essential theoretical and technical fundamentals until they are able to branch out into various styles. Our piano lessons emphasize not only musicality and technique, but important theory concepts such as counting, note-reading, harmony, and rhythm.


Violin Lesson for Kids and Adults

     String instruments, Violin, Viola or Cello lessons are taught by our professional, highly established sting faculty who have studied in prestigious conservatories of the US and abroad. Many of our string students learn from the Suzuki method as well as supplementary method books and eventually, have the opportunity to audition for our sting ensemble program. The sting ensemble program gives the students a chance to play music with their friends, thus furthering their musical development, and instilling in them important ensemble playing skills.


Drum Lesson for Kids and Adults

     Drum lessons are an excellent opportunity for students to sharpen their rhythmic skills. Our drum room contains a full drum set, and students are able to practice either at home on their own drum kits or on a practice pad, which is available for purchase for a small price. Drum students are also given the opportunity, once proficient enough, to audition for our Rock Band program, where they’ll get to perform in a band with other music students!


Guitar Lesson for Kids and Adults

     Our guitar teachers specialize in a variety of styles including rock guitar, jazz and blues guitar, and classical guitar, and encourage each student to choose which style they’re eager to learn! Students learn the important fundamental elements of guitar technique, note and chord reading as well as rhythm and theory. Students are encouraged to play songs they love, such as modern pop songs, but also older classics. Eventually, all students have the opportunity to audition for our Rock Band program, which allows them to team up with drum, bass, and keyboard students, and experience what it’s like to rehearse and perform like a professional band!


Vocal Lesson for Kids and Adults

     Voice Lessons are available in a variety of styles, including pop, jazz, rock, classical and opera. Our vocal instructors specialize in a variety of styles, including pop vocal and students are encouraged to learn the songs they love! Our European-trained vocal teachers specialize in opera singing and have trained musicians who have performed at prestigious venues all over the world.


Flute Lesson for Kids and Adults

     Our woodwinds teacher specializes in classical flute and emphasizes proper technique, note-reading, and theoretical fundamentals. Our winds students are encouraged to participate in school programs, such as band and orchestra, and community activities such as the Bergen Regional Orchestra; programs that are extremely beneficial for students applying for college. Private lessons will allow the students to grow immensely, furthering their potential for orchestral and band programs, as well as solo opportunities.


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