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In-Person, DIY, or Online Guitar Lesson: What’s the Best Mode to Learn Guitar?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The guitar is an amazing string musical instrument that accommodates itself so flawlessly that it expresses one's emotions so well like no other instrument and boosts creativity as well. Being adaptable and versatile, guitar lets the intent and emotion of the artist flow through it. Above all, the guitar is among those musical instruments that are also very accessible for beginners.

Though you can learn to play the guitar on your own or in in-person classes, hiring an online trainer can create an immense difference. With passion and perseverance, the trainers motivate you in each session of your online guitar lesson towards your goals and encourage you to achieve your dreams.

Learning guitar can seem intimidating at first glance with musical elements such as chords, scales, and strum patterns. Unlike a piano, guitar's scales are not set out in straight & precise lines, and chord patterns can be complex to master. Fortunately, guitar learning has nothing to do with your ability to read musical notation or ‘notes-on-staff.’

Curious To Know How Lessons Work?

Whether you’re fascinated to learn acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, you need to begin to acquire some basic knowledge and education of guitar. After mastering the basics of guitar, you must move onto the complexities of the guitar. Many alternatives are available to help you out: lesson videos on YouTube, in-person guitar classes, or online guitar lessons. When seeking guitar education for yourself or your child, deciding the best way to learn guitar can be confusing, so let’s go over the top three options available in more detail.

Private In-Person Lessons

One-on-one guitar lessons with a teacher are focused on the learners, their interests, and their progress.


  • Your guitar coach is a professional who can bring all the gains of years of practice to you.

  • All of their technical abilities and know-how are at your disposal.

  • You establish the pace. You can decide among styles and methods, notation, and which songs you want to learn.

  • Daily lessons & homework keep you on track of learning and motivated to do your best.

  • The training you undergo will be complete and supply you with the skills you require to become truly skilled.


  • One-on-one lessons are usually the most expensive option as the trainer's time will be solely dedicated to you, and you would get personal attention.

  • You’ll require to find a guitar coach in your neighborhood whose schedule is compatible with your own.

Conclusion: You will have the personal attention of your coach during the lesson. However, you can't ask them questions if you struggle playing guitar at your home. You will have to wait till your next session. The possibilities are you may even forget where you stuck that time when you reach your class for further lessons. Undoubtedly, in-person sessions are better as your coach will help you reach your full potential as a guitarist.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

With an intent of leisure learning, the DIY approach is a flexible and convenient way to begin. However, if you really want to learn guitar for good, you would definitely not want to do it on your own if you have a choice. DIY mode to learn guitar tricks might sound ridiculous, as if all the successful guitarists did the same, they wouldn't have reached the level they're at today. In fact, learning guitar on your own can lead to a whole array of issues and sometimes even fuss, slowing down your progress. However, it can fundamentally improve your technique, maybe.


  • Due to the plethora of Youtube videos, media, materials, and teachers available, you can readily sample many tools & teaching styles to discover what works fine for you.

  • You can take your lessons at any place or at any time you find convenient.

  • You can precisely choose what you would like to learn and take as much time as is required to master it.

  • DIY is the least expensive alternative for beginners.


  • If you are practicing clumsily, there’s no one to rectify you.

  • Progress can be slow due to a lack of motivation by a teacher and not having a set schedule.

  • Essential skill building may be needed when you are planning lesson plans ad-hoc for yourself.

Conclusion: Learning guitar on your own is a docile and affordable option, but it's not the most expeditious form to learn guitar. Unless you’re incredibly motivated and laser-focused, it’s hard to reap and know your full musical potential when you go it alone.

Online Guitar Lesson

Online guitar sessions via video calls, zoom, google meet, or different other online platforms present an alternative to in-person lessons, where you can interact in real-time with your coach with the comfort of staying at your home.


  • A great alternative for students who have mobility issues or tight schedules, including busy kids & their parents

  • Lessons as per your convenience

  • Real-time communication with the coach and you can raise queries during online guitar lessons

  • A few coaches offer 24*7 assistance as you learn and you proceed at your own pace.

  • The variety of coaches is not confined to those in your geographical region.

  • An option is more cost-effective than in-person lessons.


  • Internet connections & software are not always stable.

  • It can be pretty troublesome for many, especially novices, to learn guitar when your only guide is a mirror image of what you’re attempting to play.

Conclusion: If you’re watching out for the perfect best mode to learn to play guitar, nothing beats online guitar lessons from the best musicians. Moreover, online guitar sessions are by far one of the best modes to learn guitar online. Even YouTube videos by famous guitarists and instructional articles can’t furnish you with the personalized feedback that an online coach can, which is a big plus.

The more online sessions you attend, the more familiar you will feel about learning the guitar remotely. You’ll readily get used to quirks such as the reverse image, and your online coach may even flip their video feed to pass this problem completely.

To Wrap Up

Whether you prefer online guitar sessions or more hands-on leisure activities, learning guitar is a worthwhile and enjoyable pursuit, to be frank. Once you are done with the online guitar lesson, you can take pride in your accomplishments and have fun. The most reliable mode to master in guitar rests on your own goals and learning tendency. No matter what path you choose to master guitar, learning guitar by Verdi Music Academy is worth it if you're someone who aspires to carry a successful musical journey.

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